Thursday, April 1, 2010



We have made it past our mark thanks to friends and family, and to Mr.Gabe O'neill and his daughter MaryMargaret founders of kids are heroes who linked us up with 22,000 new friends! So far we have 11 1/2 bears. Do I hear 12!?




PS : Mr. Oneill corrected us... the best way to donate is through Paypal! Thanks!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kids are Heroes

Middle(stink) Right (stuffed bear) Left( half of stinks spotted leopard)

Hello readers everywhere, I am so sorry that I have not blogged recently, I have been very busy lately.

I know that I usually write about real animals but today I am blogging about stuffed animals. My family signed up for a stuffed animal drive on April 10, 2010. The group that we are volunteering with is called, Kids are Heroes. You can read about them at
I need to raise money so that I can make enough to make a lot of stuffed animals. The stuffed animals are going to Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital, Children's Hospital in Washington D.C., and orphans in Uganda.

I am making these stuffed animals so the kids that get the stuffed animals have someone to share their feelings with. I know that children need lots of stuff, like food and water, but they need friends too.

I am hoping to raise 250$ to have enough to make 10 bears for children in need.

I am doing the same thing that my mom did to raise enough money to do one of the many triathlons in the United States. She made a thermometer online and all of the money that had been donated showed up on the thermometer. It also showed how much money she had and how much money she needed to raise.

Please help me to give comfort to children in need.

You can send money through PayPal by clicking the link under the thermometer.

Thank you very much.
The Stink

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Miss fuzzy face

This post is about horses.

One day, I was going to horse back riding; this time it was different because I had not been there for a month and there were new horses there. The first one I met was Luna - A.K.A Miss Fuzzy Face. I call her that because her face is so fuzzy!
The next horse I met was Lexis. She is kinda snooty if you don't know her.
I guess that you are wondering why all of their names start with the letter L - that is because the stud of the farm is Leo and since his name stars with the letter L so does theirs.
Here is some more info on the stud Leo:
when Leo was bred the first time he fainted dead off the mare's back! So now when he is bred Miss Dolly, my teacher, pokes him in the rump with a big long stick! He is very frisky, but after he is bred, he is as gentle as a lamb.

This is a picture of King Leo, the stud.

Handsome fellow isn't he?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A post about Daffadondillies.

This post is about daffadondillies as My mom calls them.

Earlier, in the spring, I was cutting daffodils for my mom and Orion decided to come too.
After I was done picking flowers for my mom I wanted to know if Orion liked the smell of daffodils.
I lowered the flowers to Orion, but he ATE a daffodil! I should have known, cause he eats everything.
He's eaten pillows, shoes, my stuffed animals, my American Girl hats, socks, laces, a heating pad, all of his toys, a whole Frisbee and a pair of underwear, so why wouldn't he eat a daffodil?
He learns quick, so I tried again with the flowers. He smelled it and I think he liked it.

Groundhog Day.

Hey all you Bloggers,

Sorry that I did not blog for a while.

So here is a new post about Orion the wonder pooch and Einstein.

Today a friend came over to help my mom clean; and Orion and Einstein were outside. All of the sudden a ground hog just came out of nowhere.
These dogs really don't like groundhogs. But today it was different.
Instead of just barking at it, they went after it like a bullet and tried to fight it. This ground hog wasn't scared and it stood it's ground. Then they cornered it and moved it over the stream and there it bit Einstein.
So then I rushed inside and got a first aid kit together as fast as a jack rabbit. Just as I came outside I saw Einstein swinging it around and around and then it went flying across the driveway. I thought that the groundhog was biting Einstein's nose, but it was really Einstein that was doing the biting. My mom came running out screaming like a crazy person trying to get the dogs away from the groundhog, but too bad... the groundhog was dead.

I don't like groundhogs too much, but I didn't like my dogs killing it either.

After Einstein did all that work, Mom got him by the collar and tried to wash off his face in the hose. Orion, sneaky thief stole that dead groundhog and hid it under the pine tree! Mom got him though and washed him in the hose too. He didn't understand and tried to drink the hose water.

Here is a picture of the groundhog killers don't let their "cool as a cucumber" faces fool you.

I never did find where the groundhog bit Einstein, but I was prepared anyway.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Orion is home!

Today Orion is home.

I am so happy! I am so happy i am posting this picture of Orion and me.

The vet said to keep him still for 14 days - that's 2 whole weeks! but that will be impossible because Orion has ants in his pants.

Orion really dose not wear pants but his tush never stops moving so there must be bugs somewhere.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Orion is having his tuticles removed today and he is not happy about it.

I think it is a responsible thing to do, but i do wish that he did not have to stay at the vets.

I am not happy about that!

So I am posting this picture to represent Orion's happier days.

This picture makes me laugh and i am sure you will too.

Did you know a dog could smile?

I miss him dreadful.