Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kids are Heroes

Middle(stink) Right (stuffed bear) Left( half of stinks spotted leopard)

Hello readers everywhere, I am so sorry that I have not blogged recently, I have been very busy lately.

I know that I usually write about real animals but today I am blogging about stuffed animals. My family signed up for a stuffed animal drive on April 10, 2010. The group that we are volunteering with is called, Kids are Heroes. You can read about them at
I need to raise money so that I can make enough to make a lot of stuffed animals. The stuffed animals are going to Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital, Children's Hospital in Washington D.C., and orphans in Uganda.

I am making these stuffed animals so the kids that get the stuffed animals have someone to share their feelings with. I know that children need lots of stuff, like food and water, but they need friends too.

I am hoping to raise 250$ to have enough to make 10 bears for children in need.

I am doing the same thing that my mom did to raise enough money to do one of the many triathlons in the United States. She made a thermometer online and all of the money that had been donated showed up on the thermometer. It also showed how much money she had and how much money she needed to raise.

Please help me to give comfort to children in need.

You can send money through PayPal by clicking the link under the thermometer.

Thank you very much.
The Stink


  1. Hey Stink! Uncle Cam and I are hanging out with your Nana and Papa Jake in Florida. Wish you were here! We just wanted to say hello for now, but Uncle Cam said when we get home he hopes we can give a little to help you build a bear! more soon!
    Love Ya!

    Angela n Cam

  2. Hello, um - Stink! My Name is Mr. Gabe and when you come on April 10 you will get to meet my daughter MaryMargaret, the 11 year old girl who founded Kids Are Heroes. She will be excited to meet a young girl who worked so hard to get bears for the sick children. We are SO PROUD of what you have accomplished so far and will try and help you by linking to this blog from our Facebook and Twitter pages. Good luck and we can't wait to meet you and also find out your real name. :) -Gabe

  3. Congratz on making your goal, keep up the good work

  4. What an awesome thing you are doing. Blessings to you, and Kids are heroes, and all those involved.

  5. And congrats on reaching your goal!! I didn't even realize till just now, that you reached it. Way to go!!