Monday, March 16, 2009


Orion is having his tuticles removed today and he is not happy about it.

I think it is a responsible thing to do, but i do wish that he did not have to stay at the vets.

I am not happy about that!

So I am posting this picture to represent Orion's happier days.

This picture makes me laugh and i am sure you will too.

Did you know a dog could smile?

I miss him dreadful.


  1. I am sorry that he has to stay the night, but I'm sure he'll be ready to play as soon as he comes back! He's a cute pup with a GREAT smile :)!

    Love and kisses,

  2. I'll bet he's smiling because he's thrilled to be your pup. You must bring out the smiles in pets.

    I hope Orion is back home with you now, safe and sound.