Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A post about Daffadondillies.

This post is about daffadondillies as My mom calls them.

Earlier, in the spring, I was cutting daffodils for my mom and Orion decided to come too.
After I was done picking flowers for my mom I wanted to know if Orion liked the smell of daffodils.
I lowered the flowers to Orion, but he ATE a daffodil! I should have known, cause he eats everything.
He's eaten pillows, shoes, my stuffed animals, my American Girl hats, socks, laces, a heating pad, all of his toys, a whole Frisbee and a pair of underwear, so why wouldn't he eat a daffodil?
He learns quick, so I tried again with the flowers. He smelled it and I think he liked it.


  1. Orion can't be NEARLY as silly as Gleason, our chocolate lab.

    Like I told you yesterday, I LOVE your blog. Keep at it!

    Your Mom said you love horses. Here's a blog that I read: http://wvutopia.blogspot.com. She rescues horses in West Virginia.

    It was wonderful to see you and your Mom!

    Smooches! Aunt Janis

  2. Hey. Cam and I love your blogging! We just discovered it today! Keep it up!

    Love Ya,
    Aunt Ang

  3. Hey IsaU, It's Aunt Julie, I love your blog and I wish you would blog more!!! You always make me giggle and smile. I love hearing about your adventures with your pup! (From what I hear, he's the devilish one) I love you and can't wait to read more, Keep it up!

    -Aunt Julie

  4. Where's lil stink?!! Can't wait for your next blog entry so we can hear what adventures your summer holds! Our house will be finished in a few weeks and you must come for a visit sometime soon! Angela needs a partner in crime as she paints and draws and collects wild flowers...she got excited that you too have an American Girl Doll...I think reading your blog makes her forget that she's an adult! LOL! we love you!

    Uncle Cam and Angela