Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Groundhog Day.

Hey all you Bloggers,

Sorry that I did not blog for a while.

So here is a new post about Orion the wonder pooch and Einstein.

Today a friend came over to help my mom clean; and Orion and Einstein were outside. All of the sudden a ground hog just came out of nowhere.
These dogs really don't like groundhogs. But today it was different.
Instead of just barking at it, they went after it like a bullet and tried to fight it. This ground hog wasn't scared and it stood it's ground. Then they cornered it and moved it over the stream and there it bit Einstein.
So then I rushed inside and got a first aid kit together as fast as a jack rabbit. Just as I came outside I saw Einstein swinging it around and around and then it went flying across the driveway. I thought that the groundhog was biting Einstein's nose, but it was really Einstein that was doing the biting. My mom came running out screaming like a crazy person trying to get the dogs away from the groundhog, but too bad... the groundhog was dead.

I don't like groundhogs too much, but I didn't like my dogs killing it either.

After Einstein did all that work, Mom got him by the collar and tried to wash off his face in the hose. Orion, sneaky thief stole that dead groundhog and hid it under the pine tree! Mom got him though and washed him in the hose too. He didn't understand and tried to drink the hose water.

Here is a picture of the groundhog killers don't let their "cool as a cucumber" faces fool you.

I never did find where the groundhog bit Einstein, but I was prepared anyway.

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