Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Miss fuzzy face

This post is about horses.

One day, I was going to horse back riding; this time it was different because I had not been there for a month and there were new horses there. The first one I met was Luna - A.K.A Miss Fuzzy Face. I call her that because her face is so fuzzy!
The next horse I met was Lexis. She is kinda snooty if you don't know her.
I guess that you are wondering why all of their names start with the letter L - that is because the stud of the farm is Leo and since his name stars with the letter L so does theirs.
Here is some more info on the stud Leo:
when Leo was bred the first time he fainted dead off the mare's back! So now when he is bred Miss Dolly, my teacher, pokes him in the rump with a big long stick! He is very frisky, but after he is bred, he is as gentle as a lamb.

This is a picture of King Leo, the stud.

Handsome fellow isn't he?

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